Zelda meets god of war!

User Rating: 10 | Darksiders X360
This game is awesome! The horsemen is a bad as@!!!! This game feels like you zelda and god of war put together. The game is a little easy on normal so play it on hard!! This is defiantly a great game to start off 2010. Darksiders never gets boring, even though its all been done before this game was well put together. The puzzles are not to hard but still fun to do. The weapons are pretty fun to use to, who doesn't like a crazy huge sword! And riding a horse with flaming hooves. And the game is pretty long with a great story. The story makes you keep wanting to play to see how everything came to be. Not sure how much replay value it has but its a great game none the less. I have been playing this all weekend and I can't put it down, Too bad I have to go to work! I hope they make a Darksiders 2 because that was a great game!