Dumbed down Darrkfall

User Rating: 5 | Darkfall Unholy Wars PC
Not sure why AV have done what they have done.

They took Darkfall that was a really good game that needed a few things tweaked and fixed and turned it into Darkfall:Unholy Wars.

For starters the game is actually missing a shed load of features that the origional game had and all the devs have come back with is a standard response of "Yes this will be added after release". This is a stupid response really as basically they are confirming that the game is far far from being finished.

OK so the game itself.

Graphics: They have improved a bit and the new water shader they use is pretty nice. Still the game looks dated and the texturing on the assets in game are at some points just plain bad. Somthing as simple as a rock on the ground shows clearly viable UV lines basically where the textures to not align up correctly and this can be seen all over the world.

Sound: They kept going on about a new sound system being brought in but i am pretty sure this is worse than the origional with lackluster souds and very little impact from them. Probally somthing added after launch.

UI: This is just plain bad. I think in one of their dev meetings they must have gone "Right what is the thing everyone hates about Skyrim?... yes thats right the UI. Lets copy that but make it even worse"
Everything about the UI is bad and it needs to be re-done from the start.

Classes: Well for some reason they went from a skill based system with no classes to a game with 4 main classes available and 2 sub classes that you mix togeather. There are another two main classes that are of course not being added until after release. Part of the class change was also a re-design of all the skills and spells. Instead of having vast number of skills and spells you choose from they have basically limited to 4 per sub class. All they needed to do was balance what they already had. Also part of the new system was a re-working of how your character develops, instead of your skills gonig up everytime you use that skill you now gain prowess points and these point can be spent in any skill you want. This leads to AFK wood cutting non stop to build up PP while away from the PC, yes there are diminishing returns but that does not matter when your away at work or somthing and come back to a load of PP that your wood cutting bot has made for you.

Gameplay: Melee combat feels slower, magic has been dumbed right down as there are no where near as many spells to choose from. The combat mechanics and game itself is missing somthing that i cant put my finger on.

Safe Zones: AV have added qutie large safe zones, a good thing for new starters as it lets them get used to the game.. but a bad thing for the game overall. The basically provide a 100% safe area for people to now craft and trade and afk macro wood cutting as much as they want. It has taken away a huge part of the game, no longer to you take the risk of trading with someone at a chaos bank of in their city, no longer to you take the chance of loosing all your crafting mats when crafting in your guild city.. it can all be done in the 100% safe zone.

Anyway at the end of it al lthis is a dumbed down version of Darkfall, yes there has been a few good ideas but overall itsa big let down.

maybe when they finally get all the features in game it will be worth giving it a go, but for now i would advise anyone looking to get into this to stay away.

This is of course my opinion.