series like Dark Souls only come up every so often. This is a great place to start (or finish)

User Rating: 9 | Dark Souls Remastered PS4

I've played the SoulsBorne series almost backwards; first Bloodborne, and then DS3, DS2, and finally this. Dark Souls I (DS Remastered) is definitely better than Dark Souls 2. 3 and BB still take the crown, but DS1 is absolutely worth your 40 dollars.

This remaster also corrects the hardships of playing I saw when I bought it on Steam, and barely got to the blacksmith before I dropped it. I now feel like a true Souls fan, as well as happy to now be able to say I've truly experienced the entire Souls series.

One word of caution; if like me, you've played the other games first, do know that this game does not have the warp ability to/fro bonfires (or lamps) - for a while. So if you're not prepared to spend a long time figuring out where to level up, or to use a guide a little more than you'd like, then you'll struggle. Also, note the difference in this game vs 2 and 3 when you get the fat roll.

The graphics are stunning, as they should be, as is the sound. I'd have preferred the R3 button being the jump button instead of the circle, but generally, the controls are great - unlike the original version of this game.

For others who've played other Souls games - this game is awesome because it will really fill you in on the characters and names you've seen. For newcomers, you'll be seeing the names and even places again if you go on to DS2 and DS3.

Own a piece of the last 2 gaming generation's history. Get Dark Souls 1. But only this version.