Dark Souls with a good story and an incredible climate, is without a doubt one of the most difficult and addictive games

User Rating: 9 | Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition PC
The question is is Dark Souls really that hard? The answer is, that depends on the player, if you think you can play Dark Souls without having a minimum of strategy, the game will be a nightmare for you, now if you have patience and strategy, the game will continue complicated, more will be far from It's impossible, the first 4 bosses are very easy, even surprised me, then it starts to get more complicated, the last boss I was disappointed, I found it easy, but the game is smart, it does not appeal on difficulty, there are many bosses Which are very unpredictable, and the design of the boss is incredible, also has a variety of giant enemies, each one more bizarre than the other, the soundtrack is very good, has boss battle with a very epic track, it's like you Have ghost help in the game, there are times that you do not even have to fight, this ghost wins alone, and that makes it easier, the game has a giant world, several places to explore, several secret places, it is full of armor, Weapons and etc, has very loud places The game has several problems, such as its gameplay, even if it has improved in comparison to the Demon Souls, it is well fought, especially at times when You should do a jump, already in combat it works better, and the camera messes a lot in combat in places with little space, the graphics is beautiful, and it is gratifying to finish this excellent game. Note 97