combat is horrible in this game, truly horrible

User Rating: 5.5 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
Combat with exception of kicking was horrible, depth of how far a sword would strike was very inconsistant, movement during combat sucked.

When I first started the game I figured this was goining to be a good game, but as I progressed, I found it very boring and actual fighting with weapons very difficult, and I play a ton of FPV/FPS games. combat was too varied, I never knew if my strike was going to hit or his, so you end up just kicking ppl into stuff or over ledges, very boring indeed. The boss fight with anatork or however you spell his name, the orc guy. This shows you just how bad combat really is, his strikes deal almost 40-50 a shot while mine if ever even power attacks (which are a joke in themselves) Wow just to much to say I really am hating the combat, the rest I like but since it's a FPS game combat is pretty much 90% of my score for a game.

How short the levels are 9 levels, I'm on 8 just started playing the game, thank god I got this for 5.00 otherwise I'd be pissed.