Well this is interesting - this will be my second review of DM. Why you ask? Well, thats a mystery to me as well...

User Rating: 9 | Dark Messiah of Might and Magic PC
1) this game is great.
2) My original review was DELETED.... Why it was deleted? Constructive criticism on how Gamespot rated this game. I was polite and professional.
3) These are player reviews. Why would you moderate them? I read the rules. I did not break any violation. To top it off, many people had agreed with my post and found it useful. Wonder how many other reviews are stealthily erased. I really thought we could speak our mind over at Gamespot. I try to be constructive, and never offend anyone in any fashion. I can honestly say that I am i offended though, that my complete review would be trashed. Sigh.

Well, lets try again.

This game has amazing animation and psychics. Specifically the cyclops and dragon for example. I think that this title should be in a higher bracket than Gamespot rates it as. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Only difference is, many people rely on a professional opinion and may never get a chance to for themselves. But thats why we have personal reviews, from actual players - non employees of this site. All I ask of, is that you let me speak my mind. Just because I don't agree with Gamespots review does not mean that my post should be scrubbed, should it? Anyway, enjoy the game. Many of the player reviews are dead on. I wont go into mine because It's gone and I took quite a bit of time to write it. Have fun :)