WTF Gamespot?! 6.5?! seriously....

User Rating: 9 | Dante's Inferno: Shinkyoku Jigoku-Hen PS3
Wow, thats all i can say to the redic score that gamespot gave this great game. I honestly dont know why i even come to this website for a good review anymore.

First off i had just played through Darksiders a week before i played Dantes Inferno. Darksiders was fun and had and interesting way of leveling your weapons and all that but the graphics were cartoonish and the game quickly became monontanous. From the instant i put Dantes Inferno in i could already tell the graphics were far superior to Darksiders. Not only that but Dantes Inferno has just as much if not more little side stuff to collect to improve your character as Darksiders.

Now you may be asking yourself why am i comparing Dantes Inferno to Darksiders. Well my friends it is because Gamespot rated Darksiders much higher that Dantes Inferno for no better reason than to say its not as good as God of War.....cmon