This game is pretty amazing no matter what people say!

User Rating: 10 | DanceDanceRevolution (Bundle) PS3
Overall I think this game is probably the best one in the series yet, with every new ddr game theres something you have to get used to and overall this game is just that game, there is so many new things in this game that weren't in previous ddr games that make this ddr game a the best in the series.

The songs on this game are all from different genres which is a really good decision on konami choice. Putting all of the same type of music on to one game gets kinda boring. There are a few songs that don't really seem danceable but its nice to have some songs on here like that, it makes it feel more right at home.

There are a few problems with the game, with unlocking the songs on this game, and the lack of news on dlc. Unlocking songs on this game is very time consuming, but with every unlock you'll find it was worth it. To unlock songs in this game you go into club mode and select how many songs you want to dance too. Club Mode will pick the songs for you, and the more times you complete a song in club mode the more difficult it becomes, unlocking songs in this game takes about 4-7 songs to unlock one song, so like I said it's very time consuming.

DLC is being rumored all around the net, and this is what I've been hearing recently, Pack
1. Petit Love - Smile.DK
2. Boys (Euro Mix) - Smile.DK
3. Golden Sky - Smile.DK
4. Koko Soko - Smile.DK
5. Butterfly (Upswing Mix) - Smile.DK

DDR 2010 Extended Pack
1. Silver Dream - Jun
2. Free - NM presents
3. Say It Again - Naoki feat DDT
4. Downtown - Tommie Sunshine
5. Take Me - Harmony Machine

Konami has promised us over 150 dlc for this game, so we'll see if they hold true to there word. But overall I think this is a ddr game that everyone should pick up and give it a try, I know theres alot of changes in this game, but changes can sometimes be good and its good in this game.

I give this game a 8/10