Introduces new crucial features, but the lack of modes is disappointing...

User Rating: 7 | DanceDanceRevolution (Bundle) PS3
Let's start off with what this game does well. You still have the features that you'd expect in any home DDR game; such as dance options, multiplayer, foot and hand controls, calorie counting, and modes to help you improve. Some songs also let you play using 8 panels instead of 4. New features include recording gameplay videos, Chain Arrows, and Groove Trigger, which is the DDR equivalent of Star Power in Guitar Hero. The scoring system has also been redone, again.

There are problems with this game. The most noteworthy is that it's taken over two months for DLC to be released; players may get bored with only fifty songs on the disc. The actual selection of songs isn't bad; not amazing, but not bad. There's a good mix of genres ranging from dance-pop to rock to the classic electronic sound players are used to in the series.

Club Mode is tedious, which is unfortunate because it's where you'll spend quite a bit of time unlocking songs. It's also the only mode that the game has going for it other than Move & Step. I would like to see challenges in future titles. Something similar to what Hottest Party had to unlock songs mixed with the bars in Club Mode would be refreshing.

Dance Off mode is a good idea done terribly. Not only are there few songs to play, but it's not fun. It's basically Club Mode--various tricks activate to challenge the player--with up to four people. I can't quite figure out what needs to be done to fix this mode; anything to make it more entertaining will do.

Music videos and online play are essential features absent from the game. A doubles mode is also missing, but I can understand that it's a little illogical when using the dance mat. Players used to characters will be disappointed to see that they're completely out of sight. It's too bad because a little customization goes a long way.

With all that said, Move & Step is great. The controller responds exactly as it should. It's also a failarious challenge to play with the Move controller and 8 panels. DanceDanceRevolution now closer resembles dancing than all preceding titles, and encourages players to get active while having fun.