A repetitive dialogue game

User Rating: 6 | Culpa Innata PC
well the fact that I actually completed the game says something for it I suppose, but it wasn't the most pleasant experience either. The entire 20+ hours that were spent on it was about 92% traveling about to engage in monotonous dialogue with characters, and the other 8 percent was spent on puzzles, which were fairly simple, with the exception of a couple, and fun.
The storyline appeared to be getting interesting around the middle of the game but ended up being a tad too complex at the end, with many loose ends. It was enough to keep interest up throughout, though.
A strange fixation and nonchalantness when dealing with sexual matters in the game (50% of conversations were directed toward sex) made it weird and uncomfortable, and even embarrassing as the story progressed.
Finally, blatant punches at religion and race make the game feel like a director's opinions are being forced into your experience, which is not pleasant.
The game's saving points are decent graphics and animation, a somewhat intriguing plot, and above all the simplicity and small learning curve make it desirable to at least complete, but it stops there.