Finally a great adventure game!

User Rating: 9 | Culpa Innata PC
I was unsure about the game but it being so cheap on STEAM i had to try it. This game was great period. It had a great pace i loved how everyday there was always something new to do. I never was stuck completely. Not a whole lot of puzzles. the story was EXCELLENT, best story i've played since The Longest Journey, possibly since Gabriel knight The Beat Within. I loved it. Some of the Voice acting was horrendous, The first cut scene left me thinking "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!" The graphics are aged, It reminds me of max paynewhich was made in 2001 i believe. But all in all, if you like adventure game, then you MUST own this game.

Adventure games are not about graphics its about the story. This story has plenty of depth too it. With all the philosophical themes in the game it kept me thinking. It really makes one think about the future. Very thought provoking game. Looking forward to a possible sequel. I hear theres word of a special edition of Culpa Innata adding extra content and additional tweaks!

Support this new company so it can make more of these great games please! I love you Momentum! :)