Great story, immersive world but shallow characters and dialog.

User Rating: 6 | Culpa Innata PC
First of all, the most striking (in your face!) feature are the really outdated graphics. It looks like this game was created in the 90's. But this would not be the biggest problem.
The world is fantastic, it is very credible and creates a quite realistic atmosphere.
Now the characters...OH MY GOD...the characters...are horrible.
Phoenix Wallace is such a stuck up little pompous goody-two-shoes it makes me sick! She is a peace officer that meets her girlfriend to talk about classified information about an on-going murder case? WOOT?! I am very sorry but I cannot identify with this Britney Spears of peace officers. If I cannot relate to the character...I cannot play the game. Well at least not in an enjoyable fashion. Oh and speaking of fashion.
There is a quest that will have you buy the perfect dress and shoes to go clubbing! WOW this is indeed an important twist to our murder mystery. I could have never solved it in the old boots!
All in all this game has some features of a classic adventure game, but the dialogs and some of the quests really bring it down to a, dare I say it, chick-flick kind of game.