Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

User Rating: 9 | Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII PSP
Crisis Core takes you to the events that happened before the original Final Fantasy VII. Controlling Zack...

*Gameplay 9/10
The gameplay is different from any FF game but it keeps some things to it.

Running around wide areas will sometimes put you in ''Battle Mode'', very similar to FF games but instead you can run around the battle area, evade, select an attack/spell. It's more action type of role-playing and fast-paced.
If your HP falls down to zero it's game-over.

You'll find numerous items and equipments, buying is also available.

You won't find yourself in any huge map but in certain areas there is much to discover and side missions, a guide can be helpful unless you want to manage yourself.

Missions can be taken from the Menu, but you must be on a ''save point'' to do so. You'll sometimes obtain useful items by clearing a mission, also you mite level up and get stronger.

Like FFVII, CC uses Materia to cast spells, moves etc.
You can also convert the Materia to SP, with SP you can use the Materia Fusion which can be selected from the Menu later in the story...
-Materia Fusion: ''At the expense of SP, you can fuse two materia together to create one new materia.''

DMW (Digital Mind Wave)
Special attacks and casting summons can save you. Many people get confused on how this works and I was one of them, for a better explanation I'll write what's written on the book.
-''The DMW is a slot-reel system that continues to spin and stop during battle by expending SP. Mathing numbers or character panels can activate a variety of special effects, such as 'Invincible' and 'No MP Cost''
-The DMW cannot be manually controlled by the player.
-The DMW may not spin or activate effects if SP is insufficient.

While in battle your Status can get changed (very similar to FF)
Getting poisoned, cursed etc

On the Field Screen you'll find some treasure chests to open.

*Graphics 9.5/10
Stunning opening, exciting summon scenes and others during the story. Feels like they came out of Advent Children, the PSP is a strong portable console.
In-game graphics are great too, very detailed.

Some of the memorable areas and characters from FFVII make an appearance, seeing them more detailed is wonderful especially for a FFVII fan.

*Sound 10/10
The background music blows it up, it puts you in the story and it fits too perfect. Battling with a catchy rock soundtrack can be fun, music is very involved.
Probably one of the best soundtracks I've listened for a game.

Voice acting is very well done, another splendid job.

*Value 8/10
The game is long enough and very entertaining. It's very affordable.
After finishing the game you can start a New Game + which you'll keep many of the things you got.

Hard mode can be challenging but finishing it won't award you with anything.

It has an amazing story one of the best, and without a doubt I recommend this game for a fan.

Crisis Core is one of the best PSP games and lives up to FFVII.