Batting.... What the hell!?

User Rating: 5.3 | Cricket 2005 PS2
I bought Cricket 2005 quite a while ago but i didnt bother playing it because i played it at my friends and the batting was sooo stupid! Now i have started playing it again and guess what, even thought i have played it for a couple hours and more the batting is still stupid!
Firstly if you are England, my two opening batsmen are Trescothick and Strauss. They are 2 good opening batsmen and have the ability and technique to build up a good partnership NOT ON THIS THEY DONT! you play cover drive after cover drive after cover drive and soon enough when you hit 50/0 the field starts closing in preventing you from hitting the ball anywhere, you hit it to fine leg CAUGHT! mid on CAUGHT deep square leg CAUGHT a hook shot with any button oh wats that UR OUT!! Please please sort this out its disastrous!