good for GBA

User Rating: 7 | Crash Bandicoot XS GBA
crash makes it to handheld for the first time and is not bad.

everymove is there from crash warped axcept the wampa bazooka well it is actually the same as crash 2 and 3 only side-scroller and misses some naughty dog power the level types are the same from jungles to sewers to space and all the same music as in crash 2 and 3 wich is cool cause that reminds you of that playstation one greatness.

there is something new tho well its actually a combo of the jetpack levels in crash 2 and the plane levels in crash 3 witch is actually pretty fun. this is also the shortest and easyest crash game made there only 20 levels instead of 25-30.

if you like crash and you have a gba you should buy this game.