Trying to be honest, I enjoyed the game but when I add up what I scored it, it may look mediocre, but it's worth a look.

User Rating: 7.6 | Riot Act X360
Gameplay: The gameplay is great it some ways, incredibly frustrating in others. Jumping is fun, I've played this game for hours & jumping around, collecting orbs hasent gotten old, it's mindlessly entertaining. Shooting isent bad, but your pretty much forced to use the auto aim, the free aim is pretty dang usless. The guns are good & bad, most of the machine guns arent even worth a single try, mainley because there mostly the same, but there are some that stick out, theres a gernade launcher, a rocket launcher & a lock on rocket launcher, all of which basically have the same explosive outcome but are all uniquly fired, theres actually a decentley large aresenal but you'll pretty much be using one of the previous mentioned anyways. Hand-to-hand combat is ok, if you've played gta before it's the exact same thing except with super powers, plus you can do a jump kick. Throwing stuff around is pretty fun for the most part, but unless your enemies are all lined up well it's not very effective. Ok this is by far my least favorite: Driving, I hate it, I worked on lv up my skill in it today & it was a dreadful experiance, main reasons I don't like are because it's hard to handle, unlike games like gta were you can race down the street & hit the break in turn on a dime, instead you have to slow down before taking the turn-- I understand this is more realistic, but in a game with super heros, with super powers & in the future, I don't see why they took the more fun route, they did with nearley everything else. 8/10

Graphics: Personally I don't see nothing to special about the graphics, the outline stuff looks neat, but nothing in the game has made me go wow, physics are pretty good, but still nothing we havent seen before. 7/10

Sound: Sound isent good, the gun & explosion sounds are fine, but the voice work lacks, there is pretty much only one voice actor you need to pay attention to, & hes wrong lots of the time, idk how many times he's said "look at the view up here" or "I can see my house from here" while I was at sea level or inside a building... Another thing I dislike is the gangs script, most of what they say is cliche, & not very interesting, at least in GTA or Saints Row when someone isulted me it might be funny or something... 7/10

Value: Well, there really isent too much to do in the game, I was interested in the single player, then it just ended, & then I almost instantly lost interest, I'm probebly going to go achivment hunting sometime though, but the only time I'll probebly ever really play it again is if I get some to co-op with online... I'll give a few more details, all you can do in the game is hunt crime bosses, do rooftop races (against clock), car races (against clock), hidden orb hunting & agility orb hunting, also there isent much in building depth, mostley all you do is climb buildings, like 1 in 30 buildings you can go into, & well, non of them have interested me yet... 7/10

Tilt: I liked this game, even though in a technical sense it's probebly one of the worst games I've played on the 360, let alone bought, it's still enjoyable. But to be honest the game has no soul, nothing in it I'll really remember about, it's a good bit of fun, but nothing special that'll have some impact on the way I view gaming... 8/10