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Crackdown Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Leaderboards

    The "Wired" billboard signs throughout the city tell the leaderboards for the car race times. If you are playing co-op then it will display the name and rank of your co-op partner.

    Contributed by: MC_007 

  2. Resurrect Miss Timbol

    During the fight with Miss Timbol of Shai-Gen, there are two buildings to the east and west of her compound. On the side of those buildings that faces the compound is a walkway with two doorways into the buildings. After killing Miss Timbol, pick up her body and take it to those walkways and enter into the building. Immediately go back out and Miss Timbol should be alive and completely harmless. This is an exceptional way to level up your Explosives, Physical, and Shooting stats. However, do not let her body out of sight, or else it will despawn and she'll never come back.

    Contributed by: Amsej 

  3. Double Jump Glitch / Exploit

    Lift an object. Jump with the A button. At the height of your jump, press RT to throw the object and immediately press and hold the A button to do a double jump. It might take some practice but it DOES work.

    Contributed by: gamefacker 

  4. Achievements

    Complete the following tasks to unlock achievements and their alloted gamerscore.

    Achievement Achievement
    Run & jump your way to a 4-star Agility rating. Agency Athlete (20)
    Punch, jab, kick, and throw your way to a 4-star Strength rating. Agency Brawler (20)
    Bomb your way to a 4-star Explosives rating. Agency Explosives Expert (20)
    Hit your target every time to achieve a 4-star Firearms rating. Agency Marksman (20)
    Accelerate and slide your way to a 4-star Driving rating. Agency Wheelman (20)
    Shoot and kill 5 gang members in a single jump (while airborne). Airtime Assassin (10)
    Kill 150 gang members with your bare hands (or thrown objects). Bare-Knuckle Brawler (15)
    Jump from the top of the Agency Tower and land in the water below. Base Jumper (10)
    Use explosives to keep a body up in the air for 10 seconds. Body Juggler (20)
    Use explosives to keep a car up in the air for seven seconds. Car Juggler (20)
    Blow up 100 explosive objects in 60 seconds. Chain Banger (10)
    Double your fun - complete your first mission in Co-op mode. Double Trouble (10)
    Achieve a height of 115 feet or more in a vehicle. Driving High (10)
    Fire away - shoot and kill 500 gang members using firearms. Firing Squad (15)
    Eliminate the first of 21 gang bosses. First Blood (10)
    Collect 500 Agility Orbs. Free Runner (50)
    Execute two forward flips in a single jump in a moving vehicle. Front Flipper (20)
    Kill 15 gang members using the Observatory Globe. Global Impact (15)
    Execute a 6-second jump in a vehicle. Hazardous Hangtime (10)
    Make your way to the top of the Agency Tower. High Flyer (10)
    Unlock all Supply Points. It's Good To Be Connected (30)
    Murder Los Muertos - Kill all Los Muertos gang members. Los Muertos Cleanser (20)
    Locate all Los Muertos dossier targets. Los Muertos Intel Master (10)
    Show your explosive personality - kill 500 gang members using explosives. Mad Bomber (15)
    Earn 4-star ratings in all five skill areas and then max out your Skills Status meters. Master Agent (40)
    Collect 300 Hidden Orbs. Orb Hunter (50)
    Successfully complete all 12 Rooftop Races. Over Our Heads (30)
    Wreak havoc in 60-second increments. Rampage (20)
    Commandeer 100 gang-controlled vehicles. Repo Man (10)
    Drive through all of the unique Stunt Markers. Ring Leader (20)
    Successfully complete all 14 Road Races. Road Warrior (30)
    Mow down and massacre 175 gang members while driving. Roadkill King (15)
    Assassinate Shai-Gen - Kill all Shai-Gen gang members. Shai-Gen Cleanser (50)
    Locate all Shai-Gen dossier targets. Shai-Gen Intel Master (10)
    Throw any object (other than a grenade) 205 feet or more. Shot-putter (10)
    Successfully execute five car stunts - front & back flips, barrel rolls, a long jump. Stunt Driver (20)
    Partner up and complete every mission in Co-op mode. Tag Teamer (40)
    Unlock your first Supply Point. Take Me To Your Supply Point (10)
    Wipe the city clean by taking out all members of all three gangs. The Trifecta (50)
    Execute five car stunts in 60 seconds. Timed Stunt Driver (20)
    Kill 200 gang members without dying yourself. Untouchable Agent (15)
    Eviscerate the Volk - Take out all Volk gang members. Volk Cleanser (40)
    Locate all Volk dossier targets. Volk Intel Master (10)

    Contributed by: AstralProjected 

  5. Download Content Achievements

    Content with * means you can get the achievements with the free DLC
    Content with ** means if you are able to use a buddy who has the premium content and get those achievements (without having you download it)
    Content with *** means you need the Premium DLC to get the achievements

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Use the Harpoon gun to attach five corpses to a single vehicle Body Armor (10)**
    Impund all flagged vehicles and store them in the Agency Garage Confiscator (40)*
    Complete three flips of any type in a single jump in any vehicle Flippin' Crazy (20)*
    Complete any Stockpile mini-game in Co-op mode in fewer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds Pack Rat (10)**
    Complete all Time Trial missions at the Psychotic difficulty level Psych Out (100)*
    Win all Street Races using any vehicle Street Racer (20)***
    Win all Street Races using all available vehicles Street Racer Elite (150)***

    Contributed by: alexisonfire828 

  6. Toggle Crime On/Off (Pre-Patch)

    Eliminate the Los Muertos, Volk, and Shai-Gen on any difficulty to unlock the ability to turn on or off the respawning enemies in their respective districts from the game start up screen.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Eliminate all 3 gangs (finish the game) Toggle Crimes On/Off

    Contributed by: Hi_Im_MiKeY 

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