Good...for like 10 minutes.

User Rating: 2 | Cooking Mama DS
I really looked forward to playing this game. It looked inventive, and fun and basically worth a purchase. And of course I was enticed by the "Best of E3 Award". One can only imagine what other trash it was competing against...

I must admit, for about 10-30 minutes, I had some fun. The games are varied (to begin with) and use the touch screen well. But the next day, I went to play it and was instantly bored. "Oh God, not the stewing game again", I thought as I sat there blowing vaguely at my DS and wondering whether this was supposed to be exciting. The most exciting thing in this game is...putting toppings on a pizza however you like! I think that says it all.

And why is it so offensively boring? The minigames (i.e the entirety of the gameplay) are boring, stupidly easy, short and pointless. One even asks you to set a timer for 10 minutes by pressing 1, 0, Enter! Is that supposed to be making cooking fun? Because that's just downright patronising. Even for a 3 year old!

I'm sorry to sound pessimistic and so angry toward this game, but I was so let down and actually offended by the quality of this game that I literally relished the thought of trading it in. And I never trade in games!

And so, to conclude this rather long review, I would like to use just one word to sum up this game: