Intense shooter

User Rating: 8.5 | Conflict: Desert Storm II - Back to Baghdad PC
Conflict desert storm 2 is a intense squad based shooter. This game has all the scenarios faced by modern day special forces such as being attacked by tanks, helicopters and night time fighting. The missions are at just the right level of difficulty for most players not too hard and not too easy. The graphics were good for there day and are still bearable these days. The story line is well thought out, with a mixture of missions and all your squads skills will be needed at soem point. The only downside i can seem to find is that there is no multiplayer (it would be amazing with multiplayer). i have played the ps2 version aswell, it is great fun playing cooperative with one of your friends. if you want to have a squad based shooter with an excellent story line buy this game, it can be picked up so cheap aswell nowadays.