a truly aesome squad based shooter...dont listen to gamespots lousy 6.3.....listen to me!

User Rating: 9.3 | Conflict: Desert Storm II - Back to Baghdad PC
have you ever wanted to get the chance to go into iraq and host an assault on a city with four highly trained SAS men, you, the grunt, getting your hands dirty while you heavy machine gunner covers your back with surpressive fire, your demolitions expert destroys the nearby tank convoy heading your way and your snipe takes out would-be threats from afar...well now you can.

this game must never be classed as a first person shooter, it wasnt made for being a first person shooter ad im sur this series never will, this is a tctical squad based shooter where the strongest part o the game relies on your squad leading skills.

you have a four man team, squad leader, demo expert, machine gunner and sniper, all of whom have the ability to take care of you as long as you take care of them, and this is wher it gets interesting. the commands are simple yet they alow you to control the battlefield quickly and easily meaning you dont need to hide behind cover in order to issue orders...you can be leading your team while wasting away a platoon of iraqi's trying to blow your head off.

each tem member brings something different to the game, the squad leader (bradley) has anv all around ability to whoop the ass of everyone who gets in his way, thats until there is a tank, which is where either your demo expert or your machine gunner somes in, with two main tanks in th game, te BMP and the T-62, you have a choice, bmp's are usually better taken out with a law frm you macine gunner whreas t-62' s, only being destroyable from the back, are better off with a c4 up thneir ass, which is where the sniper comes in, t-62's have gunners on the top who will anihilate any member of your squad who try and go all john wayne on them, so get a clear shot, ad they're cannon fodder. the snper (foley) is also very useful for offering cover from behind where enmies have a wider field to emerge from, this s also applied to the machine gunner, who cant shoot while runnig so lie him down on a road and he'll blast anyone he sees.

the commands are easy and quick to use and offer a lot of potential. wth the ability to give and take weapons and ammo from each other, you can allocate cedrtain jobs to different people which makes the ge more free, so if your man with the last LAW dies in the thick of takingout a tnk you can smoke the tank, nab the law and tae it out asap, this is also good if one of your team mates runs out of mdi kits and the only person with them is the dead guy.....The commnds are as follows, follow me, hold posiiton, attack here and open fire, these may sound limited but they allow you to give a chain of commands quickly and easily during battle to multiple team members giving you full control of your squad, and incase one of you mate goes awol and svrews up you can quickl switch to him to regain control.

from a technical ide the game snt stunning, the graphics are mediochre although this doesnt bother me at all, the AI isnt fantastic which can ruin a well planned stealth attack but overall this game plays well, like is said, it shouldnt b classe as an fps because the auto aim does th shooting pat for you meaning you can concentrat on coordinating your attacks better.

overall this is a fantastic game and i would recommend it to anyone who enjoys ordering team mates, shooting bad guys and knowing that you, as a team can destroy anything.