A hand-to-hand horror.

User Rating: 8 | Condemned: Criminal Origins PC

This game is different from all the other action game I ever played because almost all the time you use melee weapons to defeat your enemies. You're an FBI agent sent to catch a serial killer, but, after having being framed, you can rely only on Rosa, your teammate. Throughout the game you have to solve riddles and different puzzles (not many), but mostly fight the hordes of insane people thrown at you. You can't carry more than one weapon at a time and the firearms are scarce and with little ammunition.

The combat is brutal, you have to block in order to gain advantage on your opponent.

There's a supernatural sense all around and the end tells it all.

I didn't like at all the graphics (too shallow in my opinion). it was not so horror as I expected.

The boss fight can be difficult, but they can be killed if you block at the right moment.