Condemned 2: Bloodshot builds off what it's predecessor did and completely nails down a milestone in the horror genre.

User Rating: 9 | Condemned 2 X360
Condemned 2: Bloodshot is the sequel to the Xbox 360 launch title, Condemned: Criminal Origins. The first Condemned really showed people that horror can placed correctly in the video game world and can definitely still make people pee their pants from atmosphere. But what Condemned 1 lacked in replayability and combat, Condemned 2 more than makes up for it's orginial's mistakes.

In Condemned 2, we check back up on Ethan Thomas, who has since been put on permanent suspension from the Bureau. He has become an alcoholic and a bum, a very likely and realistic outcome, considering what he was put through in Origins. As you can imagine, Thomas is soon shot back into the nightmare to find his uncle, Leeland Vanhorn.

Condemned 2 absolutely destroys any doubts of the horror genre with it's atmosphere. It's delightfully gritty and shows true potential within itself. Everything in the game is just completely terrifying and leaves you with emotions of being tense while going around your next corner. I think the levels in this game that demonstrate this most is the Hotel segment and the abandoned doll factory segment. It's completely horrifying running through empty halls, only to have a meth-head junkie jump on back the second you come around a corner.

Monolith could've of just stopped at the single-player and sold the game, but instead, they added on a multiplayer component. Yes, most games like these usually just have a tacked on multiplayer just to keep players playing, but Bloodshot's is really unique and feels very fresh. Clubbing your friends with 2x4's and toilet seats or hiding evidence from the police, the component is a great add-on and I'd love to see more if they ever do plan on making a third entry.

All in all, Condemned 2 is a great game. It built off it's original and broke new ground in the horror genre by introducing combat combos and an atmosphere that feels like a serial killer would bathe in it. You can probably find this game for very cheap, so pick it up if you've never played it.