Assassins Creed can't really sum it up so please read the full review thanks!

User Rating: 10 | Assassin's Creed X360
Assassins Creed what can I say, nothing short of EPIC!
I was wanting this game so much that I became addicted to video reviews etc. at one point sad you could say. Then when I got it it was like the feeling an Elvis fan would get if Elvis hadn't died squeezing that crap out and went on to a ripe old age! Now I think I shall actually start the review!

Graphics: It has great graphics some of the best in the next gen graphics yet!
It has great character models good facial animation and very good sound acting! The way your character and all the other characters move and respond is simply amazing and realistic. From simply walking to high impact chase scenes through crowded streets and empty rooftops. The animations in it look so smooth even though there is the occasional bit of lag. (Which I must say seems to go on forever!)

Controls: After seeing early on in game videos I was beginning to assume that the controls would be insanely difficult but once you get the jist of them in the extremely east tutorial it just becomes second nature. For instance jumping from a ledge to a swingy pole to a flat bit with a wall run and grasp then climbing up something to get to a garden hut to hide in is as easy as holding RT and A(Xbox Controls here!) and simply pushing the left stick in the direction you want him to jump to, swing to, climb to.
They are incredibly easy once you've played for a short while.
Some of the tutorial isn't the clearest thing in the world I must say. Now for the fighting controls these controls once again are fairly easy but at the same time slightly harder than the free running controls or le parkour as it is properly called. The main difference is blocking the defensive stance which is initiated by holding RT when they jump at you (once you've unlocked this move read on to find out what I mean!) you press X to counter some of which are pretty horrible you can counter with your hidden blade, short sword and long sword. (Once again once unlocked.)You can press B multiple times once they've grabbed you to grab break where you will no doubt just end up throwing them away. The fighting and jumping assassinations are great and look all so smooth well worth playing without this part of the game it would be no where near as good as it truly is.

Interaction/AI: The amount of interaction to the crowd in this game is pretty amazing and the AI is very smart but sometimes as dull as a broken light.
The fact that every move you make has a consequence works with and against you. If you go running in causing havoc the crowd will begin to be wary and yell "assassin" as they don't like you and want you out of there. Where as if you just sneak in kill the man the crowd hates real quick and silent then they will like you. One of the things I like is the scholars and vigilantes but once again please read on if you would like to find out more.
The interaction with the crowd is good you can go through three different
levels of awareness you could say one is calm blend holding a which also works when the HUD is red but not chase red but as I keep saying more will be revealed as the review goes on. Then there is in the middle holding be for a gentle push this does not make guards aware of your presence. Finally there is the intense awareness stage where you are sprinting through the streets barging into people potentially knocking them over with the tackle move. (Once again has to be unlocked.)

Missions: The missions do get quite repetitive as it is usually the same circumstances do your missions to find out where your main target is located then sneak into the usually restricted area where the mark is and assassinate them. Now this is where the difference comes in some of them have the type of I'll runaway personality where you must give chase constantly being stopped by guards having to either barge them out the way (once you have unlocked tackle) or risk losing the mark and staying behind to fight them. Some will run but then stop to fight you like a man. Some will just fight you straight away. There is of course the likeliness that you assassinate them properly then you have to get back to the assassins bureau where you rest and then given the choice to skip back to the assassins HQ or just ride back or do some side missions which I shall get to just now. The side missions are all the same "Save Citizen" what you get for it is different. Some of them will result in help from vigilantes as I talked about briefly earlier. Basically they stop and grab your pursuing guards and hold them while you break the line of sight and dash for a garden hut or bail of hay. The other reward is help from the scholars where you can blend in the middle of them and the guards simply step aside and let you into the mist heavily guarded and restricted areas there are.

HUD: The HUD or Head-Up-Display is quite confusing to begin with until you get into it. There is the bit where it's like three lines together in a weird shape if its yellow okay run about if it's red you must blend with A. If you run when it is red then the screen goes weird then the thing will turn to a triangle almost but no connected that means guards are giving chase and can see you if it remains the same but turns yellow then you have broke the line of sight jump in the nearest bail of hay or garden roof hut. Wait for it to turn back to green then leave.

Story: The story is good but rather confusing especially near the end. At the start you lose all your equipment for knowing too much and breaking all three of the assassin's creed's rules. You are stabbed and appear to be dead. You come out as do stuff as Desmond and sleep. Then you go back in the Animus. (Which if you don't already know is the machine which takes memories from your ancestors from your DNA!) You find out you are infact not dead....obviously! You have though lost all your equipment you must assassinate your marks to regain equipment and your loyalty. I won't go into too much detail buy it or rent it to find out for your self.

Summary: A great game worth every penny or cent.