Not the best 4 me.

User Rating: 6.5 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Retaliation PS
I played the campaign. It was hard. Not that hard, but it was not easy.

Then I tried to beat all the levels and missions, but it was way too long. I usually don't mind when a game goes on a slow pace, but I didn't get hook by that one. even though, I find that I was, most of the time, waiting for my soldiers, tanks or special units to accomplish something.

Ok, maybe it doesn't help to buy this one in the bargain bin, 5 years after its release. I didn't really know the series (I heard of it), but when I started playing it, I knew I had played better RTS.

So? Is there good points?

Graphics? Not really, although its on PlayStation, I've seen better things on that thing. This one is almost a mess. But it actually works, even though, sometimes it's hard to see the difference between your soldiers.

Sound? I always loved the voice of units in RTS, the way they answer when you give them an order. It always feels pretty unique. although, the BGM is quite ordinary and I didn't fall for it.

Gameplay? Urk! Would have been better playing with a mouse. Still, I was able to pull off command with my controller.

Story? there is a story, but you know, nothing special, you've seen this story a million time.

The good might be fine in the 2 discs. 1 for each different army. Yes, they are different, so you can play with both for different mission, and they'll play different!!!!!!
...but I didn't finish one because I didn't enjoy the game much. Sorry!