This is some serious multiplayer warzone blowing the crap out of your friend game! .. :)

User Rating: 9.6 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Retaliation PS
I have never my self played the campaign in this game.. (expect the couple first missions) but they are not the thing why you should get your hands on this awesome game... Gamespot has rewied this game horribly wrong.. it's was advertised by all those 100 new multiplayer levels! DUDES! There is SO many maps where YOU can battle with your friend... if you have that nice little thing called multilink.. :) novadays those thing are pretty rare. :( But one of my buddies where able to get one and I can say.. after that .. the fun wasn't never ending!.. Expect when i had to return this game to my another buddy whom i was borrowing it from.... *darn* .... an then he break it. ! *God damn hippies* .... Now I have desperate search for this.. you all should have too if you have multilink two PSX and some friends who's ass you want to kick.. :P online gaming is nothing compared to this intens action under same roof.. ! :P LAN playing for honor!