It's the one of the worlds most best games made! Everything in this game is perfect!

User Rating: 9 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 PC
The C&C-Red Alert series is the best series any gamer can play! It's total fun, brain teasing and tactical mastermind! Red Alert 2 has awesome sounds! The music and soundtracks are one of the best till today! I admit that the graphics are kinda out of date, but still, the graphics still made the game even more fun! The campaign are challenging and totally well made! It's not too difficult, not too easy! It's totally average! The large variety of units and building that are available totally adds up the fun! The air units, sea units and the land units! Each nation is also totally balanced their advantages and disadvantages. So, the game is totally not like a 1 sided game, something like that! Red Alert 2 is a game that any RTS fan will never get bored with for ages! I've been playing this game since it was 1st released till now. I'm totally not bored with it till now! Red Alert 2 is a total action-packed and full time all action game that is really worth checked out! Red Alert, Red Alert and C&C series in my opinion will be the games that will be played forever and ever! U can never ever get bored with this series!