The Better question will be, what this game lacks?

User Rating: 9.5 | Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars PC
Arguably Command And Conquer series of strategy games really pushed the RTS format like no other franchise. Within C&C series are GDI vs Nod universe, Red Alert and for sometime, Generals which was mostly based on modern warfare. But, the real cream of C&C series is arguably the GDI vs Nod universe. While the last game we received was in the late 90's, so its been a long time between the last one and the present C&C 3. So how does it stack up against some of the best modern strategy games like Company of Heroes and Supreme Commander?

Story: Its for you guys to follow and enjoy, I am not writing anything:); but rest assured its one of the finest u get from RTS.

Gameplay: The Reason I found C&C 3 all that fun is for very few reasons actually. Number 1, the game is as fast paced as C&C we come to know and love, as there is only one type of resource u need to be concerned about, Tiberium. So instead of always focusing on economy, the game wants you to focus on more important blowing opposition stuff up what else!
The 2nd reason is the interface, this is by far up to date, the best interface I found out in RTS. With this clean logical interface, u can manage just about everything, find every unit, build anything without ever searching for it on the map.

The only thing I am against is, is that, it lacks sea units. I would really like sea units and would have added a whole new dimension to the game. Here's hoping there will be an expansion pack:)

Graphics: The graphics is all slick. The Textures are very sharp, the explosions look fantastic. And I really want you to see the "Laser light" show when u put GDI vs Nod vs Scrin. Perhaps in the graphical department, when u zoom up close, the models don't have as much polygon as you would have liked, compared to Company of Heroes. But Still, C&C is a fast game, there is no way in hell you want to zoom and admire the character models....unless of course you want to see Battlecast and create cinematic sequences, up close and personal. The FMV videos are also Triple A done by talented actors like Michael Ironside (The guy who plays Sam's voice in Splinter Cell). Bear in mind though, you might need the latest patch if by chance the videos lag. Sound: The Music, voice acting is all great. Although there insn't much of a soundtrack in the game, like a same track repeats with things go hot, this could use a few more tracks. Other than that, the sound of explosions, lasers, cry of nod soldiers (buahahaa), the collapse of Avatar all add to the atmosphere of the game.

Multiplayer: This game has one of the best multiplayer set of feartures in a PC GAME, a stab against Live! The interface is very friendly, signup is a fast process, finding games is very easy thanks to a robust matchmaking process. Or find the exact type of game you want with advanced search options or create one your own. The online rankings are their for individuals or clans (which you can create easily). The Battlecast, a great fun feature lets a person to telecast a multiplayer event with commentaries, changing camera angles, drawing lines, etc; it really makes the game much more enjoyable to watch and more like a sport.

So there you have it. C&C in all its explosive glory. Its one of finest games of the year and whether you like it or not, you must get it.