Sharp presentation that captures the true intensity of college basketball.

User Rating: 9.2 | College Hoops 2K7 PS3
College Hoops 2k7 makes it first round on the PS3. I must say I was very impressed. The graphics, while not as well done from the neck up as NBA 2k7 (but this can be attributed to the number of college athletics to professional athletes), are very smooth with jersey movement and just about all animations are crisp and smooth. The minor floating jersey returns but is barely noticeable by the casual gamer. The crowd looks fantastic as they jump up and down all game long while wearing the home school's colors. Most of the big name coaches are well done. Even the mascots are very well done as they dance and cheer off to the side. 2ksports has managed to capture the essence of college basketball by creating a system where zone defenses actually work if you have any knowledge of basketball, and even on moderate difficulty levels, if you attempt to play a 2-3 on a very good perimeter shooting team they will burn you for it. The zone presses are also good on both ends of the ball. Offenses know how to swing the ball to break the press while defenders will bait you into a pass and make the interception. One caution is that this game is a basketball simulation in the truest of terms. If you expect to just drive around everyone and dunk all day, this won't be the case even on the easier difficulty levels. This is due to good AI and defenses that will work together if you play them correctly.Free throw shooting with the sixaxis is also used. It's a nice little touch that takes some time to get used to but it helps to pull you into the game that little bit deeper.The college fight songs are captured beautifully and really give you that big game feeling, as well as the intense chants belted out from the home squad's student section. Even the commentators, while repetitive at times, do a good job of calling the action.With online play with the ability to create leagues and tournaments or just hop right into a game, as well as the amazingly deep legacy mode, this game could keep you busy for months on end.All in all, College Hoops 2k7 for the PS3 is a great college basketball simulation with smooth and realistic gameplay and is a must for any college basketball fan.