I had this game a while ago and sold it, now im regretting it... :(

User Rating: 7 | Colin McRae Rally (Value Series) PS
OMG, i am so kicking myself.

Poor colin died :( R.I.P

about the game, i remember i got it in 2002 i think but i foolishly sold it about 2 years ago.

for a game 7 years ago when it first came out this was pretty cool, windows smashed, tires burst, bonnet flies open if you wreck your car (i love that kinda stuff) i really should of kept this game, it wasnt the best game but its a classic for the playstation 1.

I dont know why i sold it, the graphics were pretty good and the gameplay was great.

If anyone likes classic racing games (or just a simple race around) i would highly recommend this game.