This game teaches other creators how nice and different a RTS game can be.

User Rating: 9.2 | Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far PC
extremely well balanced action and reality is at the top of the line.

While other game companies copied Dune2 style RTS games again and again, first time in game history an RTS game offers different style of play other than "resorce collecting and building units than selecting all following a mass assault. Realism is Amazing! Infantry is not selected and issued orders by individuals. They are commanded as squads. you dont define where to take position one by one, you just order to deploy an area, they will find the most suitable position themselves.

No "energy bars" on top of units. If they are hit, they are gone. Tanks does have a single shot life as well as infantry, You will see how men are pinned down upon a heavy machine gun fire. You will see how hard to command men as they will not do whatever you want. You cant simply send them to die as they will not obey.

Range is important, you will realize the closer your men are the better they shoot and actually hit.

you will learn the characteristics of weapons, squads, tanks, weaknesses and or strengths of your units as well as enemy's.

an instant classic brought us all a new era is RTS gaming.