A now dated, but excellent 2D strategy game to add to your collection

User Rating: 8.8 | Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far PC
Like the movie based on the same name, "A Bridge Too Far" takes place in Holland during October 1944 as part of Operation Market Garden. The Allies, hoping to end the war by the end of the year, landed American, British, and Polish paratroops at key bridges in Eindhoven and Arnhem, while landing other troops at Son and Oosterbeek. While they secured the bridges, the British XXX Corps was to run the gauntlet and link up with Allied troops at the bridges.

In Close Combat II, you can take control of various squads and armored vehicles during this part of the war. Set on different 2D maps, your objective is to secure most of the victory points on the map, ending in a victory..or loss. You are given many options on which types of infantry and vehicles to choose from. Not only are there your standard rifle platoons, but SMG squads, bazooka and MG teams, flamethrowers, and so on. The same applies to vehicles, which include MG halftracks, light to heavy tanks, and armoured cars. Each of these are historical and have the appropriate graphic. What is awesome however, is that you can play as the Germans, getting a taste of what it's like on the Axis side.

Close Combat comes with a variety of campaigns. You can play a short campaign taking place in one specific sector, or you can play the Grand Campaign, starting from the beginning of Operation Market Garden to the end. If you are good, the campaign will take you a couple of hours, but if you set the settings to the most realistic possible, then you will be in for a satisfying experience.

Graphically, Close Combat II fares pretty well for it's time. The environments are done splendidly and after fighting for a few minutes, the land will have taken its toll. The units are to scale, so infantry arent as big as tanks. Soundwise, it is pretty good though quality could have been better. Weapons have their own sounds and you'll know when your men are dying.

Overall, Close Combat II may be dated, but it's still a great game. However, if you are purchasing a Close Combat game for the heck of playing it, I'd recommend Close Combat III or IV, as they are much improved over a Bridge Too Far.