Clive Barker Finally Makes His Transition To Games, His Dark Horror Works Really Show In Jericho

User Rating: 7 | Clive Barker's Jericho (Limited Edition) X360
Clive Barker, the writer and creator of films such as Hellraiser and Candyman finally has his works transitioned to the gaming screen.
Jericho is a first-person horror game, set in the fictional city of Jericho re-appears after many decades and centuries. A city that has spawned the dead, the defiled and creatures that rip through reality in the desert of the Middle East.

You play as a squad of paranormal military agents all with abilities and powers of their own that are supernatural; from the ability to slow time to summoning the power of fire and healing.
In the city of Jericho lies the first born, the very first creature God created and banished as it was an abomination before God created humanity; man and woman. The Firstborn was banished by its creator to a tomb, to forever be locked away.

Your mission is to enter Jericho, and put an end to the Firsborn who throughout time has attempted to leave the prison it was placed in. Throughout time many have stood against it ike you are, from World War One soldiers to Sumerian priests and even Crusaders.
You must travel through the rips in time and space to every point in history, the Firstborn was last stopped from escaping its prison.
Each member of your squad, has many abilties and their own specific roles and weapons.

The Good:

- Cliver Barker's works really shine in Jericho, with its gore and horror of the beyond.
- Gameplay is fun and enjoyable, yet not too difficult to get into.
- Graphics for its release of 2007, were new but now compared to games released to date are very outdated.
- Shootouts with creatures dispatched by the Firstborn, are fun and tactical utilising the abilities of your squad mates.
- The story, is original and reminds me of Clive Barker's films and books.

The Bad:

- Gameplay now is outdated, but can still be fun.
- Graphics are also outdated.
- Gameplay can get difficult and testing, against massive bosses and large waves of enemies.
- No online multiplayer modes to enjoy.

Jericho is easy to find on the cheap in pre-owned shelves, for less than £5 in most stores. Its worth the price, for its story alone.