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User Rating: 5 | ClayFighter SNES
The mid 1990's was the prime for fighting games. What were the most popular? Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. But, other game did try to follow in their footsteps. ClayFighter is unfortunately one of them. The weird thing is, I really used to like rhis game. It's amazing how much people change as they get older. Any way, CF was obviously trying to be a Street Fighter for little kids. In a couple of ways it succeeded. Unlike most games, ClayFighter has an original cast or characters. They include an evil snow man, some sort of pumpkin ghost and an opera singer among others. The moves are simple and the game is easy to get into. The simplicity and lack of realism makes this the perfect game for kids. Like the title states, this is Clay Fighter, so the graphics are a bit different to what you would expect. Like most fighters in the early 1990's, the animation is faily choppy, but the acctual look is good. All of the characters and backgrounds look like they were moddeled out of clay. The sound is sub-par. You'll find clear but uninteresting music and very few sound effects. What they did instead was make a comic book style sound effects. When you hit your opponent, you'll see the word BANG where you hit them. Points for originality, and minus points for not putting any sound in. There's really no reason to get ClayFighter. It's extremely average for a world of superb fighting games. If you really want a different fighting game, get the Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighter instead.