This game has all the stuff for a great fighting game, but they really screwed up and made a horrible game.

User Rating: 4 | ClayFighter SNES
2D Fighting games are rarely ever bad. Sprites are fairly easy to make if your a gaming company, these games have the simplist action scripts, and storylines aren't really needed.
Unfortunatly, this game is anything but good. Although it sports some great positives from other fighting games and laughable characters and a kiddy appeal, they didn't do well in turning all that in a game, and it results in a horrible game that would just blind you.

+Cool sprites
+Funny stages and characters
+Has alot of great ideas.
- None of those ideas mush together well.
- A.I is bad.
- They have elvis. Why?
- Music and SoundFX that would make you cry T_T
- Graphics are way too grainy, even for clay fighter!

Overall: 4.1/10
Don't rent or play this game, it is really bad and has few redeeming features.