city of heros review!

User Rating: 10 | City of Heroes PC
this game is good i mean REALLY GOOD! if you like mmo's/RPG this would be the game you would love to play forget w.o.w its all about city of heros i mean what other game lets you make your own super hero?! beside this game that is coming out 2010 of Q4 for the xbox360 its going to be a mmo rpg but later on that this game is for the pc i wish it was for 360 so that i could play it some more but the poor side is that you have to pay money to play this game online they also have a city of villains where you can be a villain so you can choose what u want to be! but its a good game you choose your powers when you level up! but the first couple of levels is easy then it gets a lil bit harder but u can get a HUGE! group of friends and make your own super hero base customize it! anyway you want.

there is missions that you dont have to go alone cause i know no one wants to go it alone partner up with a friend and kick some A**
or! become a villian and FIGHT! each other become rivals!, i mean this game pretty much has it all super speed,teleaport,fly,super jump you name it! you like halo? wanna be a halo super hero? download packs! and be come a flaming halo dude! or ice or phyiscal musle ! power you can make your hero anyway you want!

bottom line good game
its only 50 bucks!
2 free weeks in the pack when you buy it
try it if you like it pay for online
i give it a 10 out 10 and im pretty hard on games!