This one got me into MMORPGs.

User Rating: 8.5 | City of Heroes PC
Before City of Heroes i tried various MMOs and hated them all.

Then in 2004 this game came out and completely changed my mind about playing online. It was fun, not overly complex, had great teaming elements, and group combat in instanced missions was a blast.

I met some great in game friends, teamed up, did missions/TFs together and helped build Super Groups.
I even got my (ex) Fiancee to play the game and she got hooked.
It was a really fun ride while it lasted but eventually i had seen it all and done it all and i just needed something new.

Not to mention the game had started veering TOO much into one of two camps. If you liked to farm or liked to solo, or both then you would still enjoy it a lot but i feel like the impetus for random teaming had been lost. If you were fortunate enough to still be in a Group that teamed and did Task Forces together then it was still enjoyable but those groups have dwindled quite a bit as players simply moved on to greener pastures.

I was eager to try Champions Online because i hoped it would be a newer step up from the foundation that City Of Heroes laid but i was very disappointed with that game. Despite many people claiming it was City Of Heroes 2 it was actually a pretty vanilla, half hearted attempt to slightly alter the formula while borrowing some of the ingredients. The problem was it wasn't fun.
It failed badly in my opinion. I canceled my subscription to that one after 3 weeks.

Despite me not playing COH anymore i have to give it kudos for starting something that i hope is genuinely improved upon. It was a great idea implemented very well and i love the comic book lore.
I am hoping that either we get a real COH 2 on a shiny new game engine with all new cities, missions etc. or someone else has the courage to take all the elements that made this one great and improve upon them.

At any rate i will always remember this one for countless hours spent having a good time.