How in the world, is this game had to be made on based of the movie.

User Rating: 1 | Charlie's Angels GC
gameplay 0/10
sound effect 0/10
graphic 0/10
story 0/10
character designs 0/10

There is no story on game.
it just stolen liberty from New York City that it, that all story.

It ugly game here for reason, the character climb a ladder it about over 1 min.
up and down it is to slow to shallow to play it.

It beat'em up game it nothing fun at all, it all broken.

The 3 character design is ugly one of character is look like a old woman it pitful to look at it. one thing in game they stop and dance about 1 min.
Unbelievable to slow i hate it that happen, it boring and it stupid.

The enemies is dull and stupid they stand there and really hit you, but no they stand there and just beat'em up and that it, it just way to easy to beat the game.

You what beat'em up game download the Final Fight that game is way fun better then this.

I wish i give this game a no star or 0.0 at all and you been warn bad, very bad game i ever seen. (Thumb Down)