User Rating: 1 | Charlie's Angels GC
thank you for choosing to read my review! i appreciate it very much!

i thought Charlie's Angels would be a great game. the movie was awesome. but the game was really bad. and i have no idea why, but awesome movies most of the time have bad games. believe me, this game is a disgrace to people who liked the movie. i actually had enough patience to play up to the end. but when the game ended, i threw the game out my bedroom window.

the plot is screwed up. it's like, the statue of liberty gets stolen and you have to bring it back. my, what a bad plot that is!

the graphic design is bad. it has the ugliest graphics ever. the graphics make it look like a n64 game. the level design is bad, too. like, the people who made this game made the ladders really long. IT TAKES FOREVER TO CLIMB LADDERS!!! like, i know many games that take a lot less time to climb ladders. other games, like Zelda Twilight Princess only take like, 10 seconds to climb ladders. but in THIS game, it takes around 1 minutes to climb one ladder.

the controls are very bad. the combos never work and the controls are very confusing.

the camera is the weirdest ever. it goes into really bad positions a lot.

the music is really annoying and repetitive. the sound effects are madd disturbing. oh, and i hate the voice acting. it's pretty bad.

this game is so perverted. the girls always wear ugly bikinis. only sometimes they wear a shirt and pants.

this game is also very glitchy. like, you can get stuck in door ways and still fight the enemies.

so, bottom line: THIS GAME SUCKS!!!!! so, never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER download any roms of this game, do not rent it or buy it at all. don't even play it! PLEASE RATE!!!

by the way, it's just as bad on the playstation 2. same ugly graphics, same bad controls, same really annoying ladders, same everything. PLEASE RATE!!!!