I may be biased , but I am a collector of comics, so go figure

User Rating: 8 | Champions Online PC
I was really looking forward to this game, but after the dissappointment of FALLOUT 3 (I know different company, different type of game) I was taking the hype of this game with a grain of salt. Waaay back in my college days, I played the dice/character sheets/players handbook version of the game and I enjoyed it. I am enjoying the game so far, I like the "Silver Age" look and feel of the game, and the controls are simple to learn. The only real gripe I have is that the manual was almost non-existant. Certain things I cannot figure out (like changing attack colors or where energy blasts and such emit from which thae game was supposed to allow according to pre-release info i read)) and the crafting is a bit confusing. But, all in all, I do like it and i see myself playing it a lot. Hopefully in the future with patches and maybe even DLC the game will expand and become even better