Good but uninspired

User Rating: 7 | Champions of Norrath PS2

Champions of Norrath is a good Hack & Slash action RPG.

The Good:
- combat has some punch and never gets old
- some nice physics when you open chests/break crates
- Addictive loot gatherig
- good storyline length (40-50h)

The Bad:
- levels / enemies can get really repetitve in the second half of the game
- story / characters are laughably bad, the script is full of fantasy stereotypes and could have been written by a computer. No lived experience is transmlitted by the story. Pitch is : "The orcs have invaded the land of the Elves blablablah". The end boss (who is really, really evil of course), says "I will make you understand the meaning of pain". Really uninspired. It could even be funny if you take it second degree.