Way to destroy the good name of LoS. (Spoilers)

User Rating: 2.5 | Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Resurrection X360
In the past couple months I played Castlevania Lords of Shadow and I loved it, it was truly a spectacular and fantastic game. The graphics were good, the controls were good, and the story was particularly gripping. When the game ended I was blown away by the final cinematic of Gabriel in vampire form in our modern day civilization and I just had to know how it happened. When I found out the was DLC I jumped right on it and purchased Reverie right away.

It was decent. It was fun to play a few extra levels and see where the story went, and I was intrigued to find out that Gabriel destroyed Laura when she sacrificed herself to give him her powers. However I was very disappointed in how the cinematics were replaced by pictures that moved slightly. Then it ended, and I realized there would be a second DLC installment which is fine, I could wait.

I eagerly anticipated the release of Resurrection and was very excited to play it and see just what changes Gabriel had undergone when he'd absorbed Laura's power. I was very disappointed to find that he hadn't changed at all. They had built up this huge thing about how he would have all her powers and then nothing, he couldn't transport himself as a cloud of bats, he couldn't use her lightning attack, nothing. I was expecting some Amazing BadAss mix of Gabriel and Laura but imagine my disappointment when I just got to play the old Gabriel.

So I figured, alright, he'll probably change somewhere along the level but no. Instead there was one fight with Swordmasters and Reapers, a climb/chase, then a fight with The Forgotten One and once again, no change in Gabriel. Then a platform to platform on lava obstacle thing followed by a "hide from The Forgotten One" scene and fighting some flaming skeletal warriors. And still no change in Gabriel.

Then you fight The Forgotten One again, and at one point there's a fight scene where you have to throw 3 spears at him and for me this was extremely difficult because there was no inverted option so my reflexes kept causing me to miss and it took me way to many attempts to succeed.

When you finally do conquer The Forgotten One there's still no quality cinematic, just another comicbook scene which I can't even describe how disappointing that is. Gabriel absorbs The Forgotten One's power which is interesting, and I thought, "Okay, finally. Going to get to play as a Bad Ass powered up version of Gabriel" but no, the comicbook scene has The Forgotten One cut in half and Gabriel crushes his Cross. The End....... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! I paid for this!? Where is the amazing cinematic conclusion!? Where is the Vampire Gabriel!? Where is the part where you actually get to play with The Forgotten One's power!? They didn't deliver any of this.

I have to tell you that I play a lot of games, and this is the first time I've been disappointed to the point where I needed to post negative feedback. After such an amazing game with an intriguing ending I expected so much more from the DLC than they delivered. Surely you'd think that they understood that they were building up a very big conclusion and that all their gamers had very high expectations so really, what were they thinking? I honestly feel ripped off. And I've never felt ripped off by a video game before, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to be the only one either. I honestly want my money back, and that's never happened before. I don't know if they're going to do anything to fix this, I don't know if there's anything that they CAN do but just the same I wanted you to know just how disappointed the DLC's were, especially Resurrection, I hope they're proud of it, cause no one else will be.