Great drinking game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Rating: 8 | Carnival Games WII
At first glance Carnival Games looks like a fun title that brings all the great games you see at a carnival in to your home. Thats exactly what it does.

There are 35 carnival games total and lots of prizes to be won. You win unlockables like new games and more customizing options for your character.

The Wiimote has been implemented very appropriately for this game. The test your strength game is done by shaking the wiimote until your power goes up then swing the wiimote downwards to try to make the bell ring. Another fun game (my favorite) is the game where you have to shoot the red star out using the pellet gun. It works the same way in this game. Aim and start shooting that star. My best is 88%. Its just as hard as it is in real life. Another one is the dart throwing. You know the game where you have a wall of balloons and you have to pop 3 of the same color to win? Well on the Wii you have to hold the Wiimote just like a dart and then aim and throw! Make sure your strap is on tight lol.

These are just a couple ways the Nintendo Wii has made these great carnival games fun in your home. Here is more of the lowdown.

You dont own the Wii for the graphics obviously though all the games are nicely done and look pretty darn good.

I guess it does sound like you are at the carnival lol.

There is a single player mode but it is nothing like playing with another person or persons. I played with 3 other people and we had a great time! Include some alcohol and you have a fantastic drinking game!!!!!!!!


Singleplayer score = 7

Multiplayer score = 8.5

Multiplayer score with alcohol = 9.75 ********* Drinking should only be done by those 21 and older. This review does not mean those under the age should go buy some beer and start playing the game.