The first in a line up of reviews on the Call of Duty series. This is my view on the one that started it all.

User Rating: 7 | Call of Duty PC
Any gamer can agree with the fact that there a lot genres of games in the world. But one genre sticks out from the rest whenever its because of popular opinion from the public, or out of sheer annoyance of seeing too many of them, and that is the "First-person Shooter". I've already reviewed other notable FPS titles such as Halo and Deus Ex: Human Revolution in the past but this time I'm going to review a game that was made as a simple shooter set in WW2 (yes because we haven't SEEN any of those in the past) and eventually grew into one of the most well known cultural phenomenons in entrainment, Call of Duty. It's everywhere nowadays but back then it was a fun game for you to experience as a single soldier in the most horrible times of the 20th century. I know there were games that came before that did the same, like Medal of Honor, all I'm saying is that the first Call of Duty took the concept and improved it for a fresh game for people to play. So how does it fair with today...surprisingly well. It's story is basic (like any Call of Duty title) so there's nothing to talk about there. However some of the mission you do are interesting like infiltrating a Nazi chateau to rescue the famous British soldier Captain Price or taking down a couple a dams in Germany by sneaking in using a sniper rifle. The first few mission are a great introduction for the game. First comes training and then later you're throw out of a plane with a parachute, after that you're on your own. One thing I've found in this game than any of it's successors is it's difficulty. I've found this to be one of the most hardest Call of Duty game I have played. For example this game doesn't have regenerating health which I constantly on edge when in a heated battle AND low on health therefore making it a more challenging and compelling game than any of it's successors in the series. Another thing that makes this challenging game is how vulnerable you are. It's a feeling I never managed to feel from Call of Duty again since World at War. Let me explain, when playing the Modern Warfare 3 campaign it's just see bad guys, shoot at them, get in cover to regenerate health and repeat. In the first Call of Duty I'm running down roads shooting Nazi's when HOLY **** IS THAT A TANK?!?!?! Suddenly the whole situation has changed in a second as soon as that tank moved into view and started to follow my every move. Now I have to find way to outsmart and destroy this son of a **** Some people might find this "tedious" but let me ask you, what's more tedious: Fighting hundreds of enemy soldiers on a linear path or Fighting strategically place enemies with a tank in between? Anyways Call of Duty gives you exactly what it says, an experience of fighting on the front line of war like what an average soldier would have done. There wasn't as much of realism in this game as it said it would have but luckily Infinity Ward worked that out in the next game which I'll talk about later. Well those are my two cents with the first Call of Duty. It's not excellent as some people say but it's definitely worth your time to play through. This is Captain Big Daddy reporting and I'll see you next time in Call of Duty 2.