User Rating: 6 | Call of Duty Classic X360
In Call of Duty Classic you play the first Call of Duty in the series that was only released for the PC. You can only hold two main weapon just like in the other games, but lots of the guns don`t fell like they work like they should. The grenades are still weak and useless like in all other games. But one of the things not like the other games is health, now instead of regeneration health you have a health bar, which has to be refilled by finding med-kits, but good luck cause the enemies will just stand there and shoot you to pieces before you can react, and half the time you can`t even see them sometimes because it`s so dark. Another thing thats different from the series is that you can lean from cover is very useful. One other thing is that the levels are very short. This game is not worth the money, unless your a hard core fan of the series.