Never got past the 8th level because of a series of bugs.

User Rating: 8.5 | Call of Duty PC
The missions are built so that you have to kill Every enemy in this map. If you do not find enemies, you will not finish the mission, not succeeding to the next one.
While you play you will see a lot of houses, where axis are hiding behind. You often can not come there, you will have to wait for the axis to come to you, so you can kill it. And pray that there are no bots that just freeze when you take 1 shot at it, or freeze even before that.
I am in one map, that I have spent 3 hours on so far (while its just a 2 minute mission) trying to kill all axis. It's impossible, every map 5 axis freeze, making it impossible.
I bought this game for only 5 euro's, but it's still a waste of money. It's an instable piece of crap. I wish I could rate it a 0,0 because it's not even worth calling a game, its that frustrating.
I love the engine and the guns tho, I really loved the game for the first 5 minutes.

I started playing this game online 2 days ago, and I must say the online gameplay is quite brilliant!
Allright it's still extremely buggy, nades blast trough the walls, people can even shoot trough walls and like every game on the Q3 engine is has lag issues, but the movement + guns + the possibility to hold different kinds of guns make it quite a nice game online. Only thing is that the nades are too good. Some busier servers you spawn and get 5 nades within the meter in the first 2 seconds of your life, making you die 8 times in 20 seconds. But if you are in a decent server it's great to play online. For the 5 euro's it costs nowadays, get it as fast as you can! xD Just for the online play