Play it if you did not play the pc version.

User Rating: 7 | Call of Duty Classic X360
First time i heard it was out on xboxla i was thinking "wow got to but it!".
I have the pc version but i cannot play so long on pc so i think i would play it on xbox.
After some months i finaly buyed it.
Oh i liked the training but then...
I starded and i could not see even where i was!!
Needed to follow the little lights i saw in the game.
after 15 min i still dind had the mission out so i needed to pick a other tv (i used first a flatscreen then i used a normal tv) sounds stupid but it was.
Then i fully played the campaign out. I pretty liked it to play the game again out on xbox360 but still it was like im playing on computer. And that maked it harder.
The multiplayer isnt realy good.
Allmost everybody plays Deathmatch if im lucky they did team deathmatch but that was it.
Max players in a online lobby game is 8 players.
So that isnt realy funny.
They could add some more things on xbox somethimes it was realy boring.

I only recommed it if you dind play cod 1 before to see how it before the "modern things" begon.