A must-buy for the ages. (late review)

User Rating: 8 | Call of Duty: WWII XONE

Note: This review is based on the Xbox One version and what I experienced. you might've not had any of the glitches I mentioned or you have had glitches that I missed. I probably missed it due to the fact that I might not have had some glitches you had.

When Infinite Warfare came out, I sort of liked it but I wished the franchise didn't go the futuristic route. Don't get me wrong; Black ops 2 was semi-futuristic but I liked it due to the fact that the only thing that was futuristic was the use of drones, which is used heavily in warfare nowadays. After Infinite Warfare came out I wondered, "Will Call of Duty go back to the way it was before the exo suits and space battles?" then Call of Duty WWII was announced. I was so excited that I pre-ordered the game so I have it as soon as it comes out. When I launched the game I was excited to play but also worried that it wouldn't meet expectations.

But it did, for the most part. The campaign has you in the boots of a US soldier in a squad of characters gamers will care about throughout the 6-hour runtime (can change depending on difficulty.) Not only that you will care about your squad mates, but you will need them in battle. The campaign is amazing with a great story and amazing voice work from actors such as Josh Duhamel and Jeffrey Pierce. The gameplay in the campaign went back to the mechanics of the first call of duty where there is no health regeneration, which I loved since it gave me a challenge and gives me a reason to not go running in and gunning them down, yelling, "Leroy Jenkins!!" You also have to rely on your squad mates due to each of them having an ability for you to use. For example; Zussman can throw you an extra medkit and Turner can throw you extra ammo. the campaign portion ran very smooth, but I only encountered a problem where the game crashes at a certain part of the game. But, I think that it might be my Xbox being unable to handle the amount of explosions. But overall the campaign is great despite some problems.

The multiplayer is a mixed bag to say the least. When I went into the multiplayer for the first time, I was automatically connected to the online services. After that, I was immediately brought into the Headquarters AKA the social space. For the launch day, I was always in a packed Headquarters which was amazing, and there was many things to do like, go to the firing range, play with the ball and even 1v1 your friend. There were some flaws in multiplayer on launch day, like that at some points you would get disconnected from online. Even though its a flaw, it's excusable due to the fact that it was the launch day and many people were trying to log into the Call of Duty servers. but for a couple weeks after that, Headquarters was a ghost town. And supply drops are back, but they're cosmetic only (I know there are weapons you can get, but it's mostly cosmetic since the weapon variants don't increase any of the stats of weapons.) And the game modes are amazing, including the new war mode. There are glitches in multiplayer, like the glitch where you can't spawn in the game. Overall, the multiplayer is fun, but a mixed bag.

Zombies is back, and it's better than ever. The game is amazing, The zombies are scary and the Characters are well done with voice work from talents like Ving Rhames and David Tennant. I didn't encounter many problems in zombies, but I encountered a problem where my zombies match would disconnect.

Despite it's flaws and heavy use of lootboxes, the game's pros overshadow the cons and it's a great game and a way to bring the franchise back to basics.