Modern Warfare 3 is the final part to the Call of duty modern warfare series, but did it do the series justice the past

User Rating: 6.5 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 PS3
The game is split into 3 modes which I'll talk about in turn

Spec Ops

Campaign- The story carries on straight after Modern warfare 2, with the Russian invasion of the US and the ex-SAS members Price and Soap trying the get the man who started the thing. The game without spoiling the story well... I have mixed thought. In general I was extremely disappointed in the while games storyline which was the reason I bought it. I'm not a huge Call of Duty fan I only really like MW2 in the series, so I wanted to see how it all played out. They had to add a new element of Delta team to the story where you fight the Russians in America and other countries like Germany and France. There is also another level where you play as the SAS in London. To me these levels just felt like another generic shooter and with the Price/Soap storyline. I felt the story was very generic but I did find the last few levels pretty good, and I guess the ending was satisfying.

Spec Ops- They have split Spec ops into two different modes Spec ops and Survival. Spec Ops is the same as MW2 you do Special Operations they are mainly based on levels in the game like in MW2 and isn't really much to talk about besides that they are really hard. Survival is a new and really fun mode where you have to survive enemy waves for as long as you can. Killing enemies gives you exp and money which you can buy new weapons and attachments. Spec ops now offers a levelling system where you can get to level 50, Each time you level up you unlock new weapons, attachments and equipment in survival mode. The Spec ops I found hard even though I have all but 3 stars on MW2 there is a lot harder difficulty gap between the games. Survival on the other hand is really hard but is one the best features of the game.

Online- To sum up a complete mess, I'm actually really angry at the online. To tell the truth I'm not a big online gamer but I do play from time to time with friends. The online is really unbalanced in my opinion, I'd use the UMP45 Submachine gun and hit someone with about 15 rounds and they wouldn't die and they'd turn around and kill me with 2 shots with the assault riffle neither of them headshots. I just think the damage needs sorting out. Also most people online Camp so they're isn't much point in playing. Though the online does offer a few new features like weapon levelling and weapon perks, Kill streaks, weapons and game modes, it doesn't really offer an amazing difference from the past games.

Graphics- Generally good like the last modern warfare game which I thought was quite impressive

Sound- I felt with the last game that the music was actually pretty good and fitted in with the game where I can't really recall any music in the game, sound effect seem realistic

replay value- If you're a huge online player then there is, unless you're like me and it annoys the hell out of you the online won't offer much but camping and cheap kills with unbalanced weapons. The survival mode will offer a lot of fun and hours of entertainment.

Summary- Generally even though I'm not a so called call of duty fan it was really disappointing, the story took 2/3 acts before it was exciting. The Online is so stupidly unbalanced and has changed COD to Camp of duty. Generally I'd say avoid it unless you're a call of duty fan, really disappointing.

+ Survival Mode
+ There won't be a disappointment of a Modern Warfare 4

- Disappointing
- Story took a while to get into it
- No M-200 Intervention or TDi Vector
- Unbalanced online and campers