Some cool new things but same 'ol BS in Multiplayer

User Rating: 4 | Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Day Zero Edition) PS4

Let me start by saying that I've been a fan of the series since COD4 and played it extensively and in some cases almost exclusively... That is until this game was released...

I was excited to see a new CoD Come out that introduced some new mechanics. So i started playing and here's what i've come up with.

So far the Single Player mission has been fun. Frustrating at times but overall a good experience. The detail in the graphics, especially the characters like Kevin Spacey's and other NPCs are remarkable and are getting close to mimicking real life. The game play is frantic and keeps you on your toes. Looking forward to the rest of the story line. (Not quite sure how far i am, but i'm guessing not that far yet... )

Then there's the Multiplayer. Where do i begin? With the addition of the exo-suits, moving around has been a little more interesting than in past games. Making sudden turns in mid air, dashing, etc... all seem to have their place and possible utility. Maps are varied in size and type and they all look pretty solid. Load-out customization is also fairly robust. This is where the "good" things to say end.

The absolute BANE of all Call of Duty games (And seems to be even worse in the latest installment) is the M___r F____ing camping! I MEAN SERIOUSLY! Are people so bereft of skill that they have to sit in a corner somewhere and wait for someone to come by and THAT is the only way they will ever get a kill? I get that if you're a sniper, you can't really do much Run n Gun, but c'mon folks!

Spawn Camping / Spawn Kills are also worse in this game. I can't even begin to count how many times I've spawned, run all of 10 ft and died immediately. It's horrendous. That and i keep having people spawn behind me so frequently that it severely decreases my enjoyment of Multiplayer.

Point being is that as much as I have enjoyed other past CoDs and in most cases enjoyed the Multiplayer, this game feels it has taken a big step back. Or maybe it's just the callow nature of other players these days that are so concerned about their K/D Ratio they can't do anything else but sit in one spot. I will be giving this more time to really consider but this may be the last CoD game I ever buy if things don't change. I wanna have fun, not be cursing at the TV and getting Video Game Rage because some (Expletive omitted) can't do anything else but sit in one spot.

Overall there is solid ground work for something that could be great. But in the end they just fall short and feels like the same 'ol CoD We've grown to have a Love/Hate relationship with.

Only time will tell if things improve.

UPDATE: 03/04/2015: (Rating Dropped from 6 to 4)

After taking some time away from the game and playing a ton of Destiny instead, I've decided to go back to this to give it another go. I can safely say that I'm glad I've stayed away from this game. It's pretty horrible (The multiplayer is what i'm mainly referring to). All the points i've made earlier in the article still drive me nuts, the camping, the spawn kills, etc... all still there, and the overall experience during multiplayer is still as infuriating as ever. I think it's safe to say that I'm sticking with Destiny. I simply have more fun with it. Co-op is a lot of fun, the Raids definitely add some spice to the mix.

Bottom line: Unless something miraculous happens this is the last COD game I'll ever buy.