User Rating: 9.5 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare X360
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This game will ruin your outlook on shooters. Why? Because all the shooters you've been playing will become a joke and you will spend your time wondering why it can't be more like COD-4. Alright, so everyone knows or heard COD-4 is an amazing game. It's a wonder why recent and coming games don't add up to that of CoD-4. Honestly. CoD-4 has set the standard and games right now are not even brushing it.

Game-Play: 9.0
Sound: 10
Visuals: 10
Replay: 10

Synopsis: You are S.A.S and/or USMC playing as one character in each. You switch characters after every few missions and complete it. The campaign is amazing and the Veteran level will leave you in the dust. Basically some Russian terrorists are loose and the US and UK are working together to bring it down. Through nuclear threats and actual actions you will be immersed into warfare like you never experienced. When we thought CoD-3 was intense with random gunfire and cries of pain and glory, we're getting closer to actually feeling the bullets rip by us.

Game-play: Okay. You may be wondering why it got a 9 vice a 10. Well it's small things. One issue is, why couldn't you grab cover? Not a big deal, maybe it's better without it. I'll never know and neither will you, but being a cover hog I sort of enjoy being behind it. Another thing is in campaign mode it would have been nice to choose at least one weapon you brought with you. Although, the weapons they give you are good enough, it would have been nice to actually use an M-16 or a carbine. Lastly, online multiplay is so addictive and insanely well fashioned that 'at home' system link is a complete drag. Why can't we customize weapons on system link and or single player? Oh, one more thing, sorry. System link doesn't allow split screens, now that's retarded.

Okay, now onto the good and it's a lot. Single Player, like said by many others, is extremely short. However it offers 4 different difficulties, which for once actually made the game fun. Where I would beat other games on Hard and not worry about the unlocked levels of difficulty, this game will have you wanting to go the step higher. The campaign is effing fun anyways. Veteran level will take your shooter skills to another level where you have to watch everything, even behind you, and rely on cover and the opportune moment to blast three in the enemies face.

The weapons offered in campaign are few. You usually get a scoped automatic rifle, a pistol, and at times, a sniper rifle. A few cameos are made by the Army's Javelin, and a Minigun from a crashed helo. Other than that you can pick up the AK-47's and the Dragonov upgrade sniper rifle. In multiplayer however, it's a totally different story.

In multiplay through single or system link you will be able to choose your class. Your class gives you assorted weapons and certain buffs. For example, the survivalist gets the inaccurate rapid fire cannon 'M-60', a Desert Eagle, one grenade, and one auxiliary grenade. Along with those weapons he comes with buffs. For the survivalist he gets increased endurance which allows him to take a bit more punishment, but a headshot will put him down instantly, and a game turner known as 'Last Stand'.

The abilities change the game and last stand is a big one. Where if you are shot down by means other than a headshot there is a chance you will get last stand where you will be stuck on the ground on your back with your pistol out and for a few seconds be able to reap revenge out of your enemy. A shotgunner and the Grenadier have the ability to drop a grenade as soon as they die, allowing the unsuspecting murderer to fall upon your death trap.

Online multiplay is a bit different where you may choose your weapon and by playing and winning you earn the right to purchase upgrades from faster reloading, to harder hitting bullets. Many times if you have a friend who plays XBL he won't enjoy the fact you want to play him on your X-Box because he cannot use his earned upgrades he is so accustomed to.

The sprint ability, which is already catching on, allows you to move twice as fast for an extended period of time. Allowing you to cover ground with speed. While sprinting you cannot shoot, aim, nor reload. However with sprint you may move quickly upon your oncoming victim and slice him. AKA. The Knife. Knifing someone is a hit amongst all players, allowing you to laugh at your friends misfortune when you kill him with one kabar to the neck.

So that means the old CoD-3 buttstock melee is gone and is now replaced with the one hitter quitter, Knife.

There isn't much else to be said, if there is, it can only be good things.

Sound: The dialogue is all spoken and the voice acting is incredible for a military based game. Your AI will shout for help, call grenade, ask for backup, cry as he dies, and your enemies too. The explosions and ambient warfare sound is amazing and a lot of times in sync to your surroundings.

Graphics: Certainly the best yet. Using the high contrast soft edged engine they have made simplistic graphics turn into bright, dark, and hazy streaks of perfection. The people you see look nearly real and their movements to a tee. Their lips move perfectly to words, and it's simply just an amazing looking game.

Replay: You won't stop playing this. Not now, not for a long while.

Conclusion: Any shooter fan should play this. A lot of my friends I play NCAA football with will often play this while they're over. They love it and they never play FPS. This game is a must have for anyone who owns the XB-360.